PT Sumber Energi Surya Nusantara (SESNA) is a renewable energy company focusing on solar energy development, precisely providing Solar PV System developer and EPC service. SESNA started as an Independent Power Producer (IPP) developer. Now, SESNA Group offers a broad spectrum of services for many client such as PLN, Mining & Resources, and Commercial & Industrial sectors.


History of SESNA Group

  • 2013

    The establishment of SESNA Group

    Indonesian government launched The First Regulations of Solar IPP projects.

  • 2015

    Awarded for the First Solar IPP Project in NTT

  • 2017

    COD of Solar IPP 1 MWp in Sumba

    The first private company brought the solar IPP Project from development to operation & maintenance stage.

  • 2019

    COD of Solar IPP 2 x 1 MWp in Maumere & Ende

    Establishment of SOLAR WARRIOR
    Widening our business line by entering into private sector market, includes industrial, mining, commercial building, etc.

  • 2020

    Launching of Solar Leasing Project - Green Mining

    To expand our business and supporting mining companies’ commitment, we are stepping into green mining cooperation.

  • 2021

    Solar farm project 200 MWp to support Green Mining

    Along with the continuous commitment to support green mining, we are also penetrating to C&I sectors (Commercial & Industrial)

Founder Statement

Welcome to Sumber Energi Surya Nusantara (SESNA)

Located in Equator, Indonesia is given with abundant potential of solar energy – energy that is clean and free. In the moment we utilize the power from sun much less than the sun provides every day.
Thanks to their modular design, simple plug & play installation, it is just matter of time that the solar technology “will” play a key role as a solution to cover electricity need in Indonesia that consists of thousand islands.
The word “will“ is not enough for us. We make the next step now by investing in solar power.
As the leading solar downstream company in Indonesia with a focus on investment business with development capital, engineering, procurement, and construction, as well as operation and maintenance services, SESNA will lead Indonesia to greener future.

Rico Syah Alam

CEO & Founder SESNA Group
Regenerative Energy at University of Applied Science Berlin




Become a trusted and well known company that give integrative and smart solution of renewable energy technology with saving cost concept, mainly in solar energy for Indonesia’s better future.

“We have made our first steps, We continuously to strive for more”


• Serve Indonesian market as many as possible

• Provide ALL IN ONE solar system installation and service by A-Z solution.

• Ensure the profitability to keep growing become a more advanced company

• Drive to resulting service excellencies by provide supreme product, fast response on client’s need & giving efficiency value.

• Giving educational information in terms of renewable energy understanding, through various educational activities

• Contribute through CSR in various activities


Our Values


We are a youth generation teamwork with a strong desire to serve you our vision as a solar energy leader and also committed to create a better climates for the earth.

Sustainable Service

We endure on our mission, provide services to you ranging from consultation until maintenance of our products and systems. We consistently maintain our service quality, safety and warranty of our system. What matters is we deeply care about your feedbacks about our work.

Efficiency Concept

Since the beginning, you will get our special treatment with our super intensive consultancy as a first step to make sure that your solar system will reduce your current electricity bill. With our concept, you will never spend more than you need to build your solar harvester.




Rico Syah Alam


Academic training from German Engineering School has provided him with technological know-how for any PV project challenge. With clear vision to bring Indonesia into energy transformation trough Renewable Energy, he created a business platform under the name of SUMBER ENERGI SURYA NUSANTARA.


Hafidz A. Nugraha


He has more than 4 years of professional experiences in developing PV business and projects. Armed with technical knowledge from reputable German Institution, he is a great addition to the team.


Rama Adisetyo


He also has various training certifications in electrical engineering field, includes electrical installation training, knowledge of electrical equipment in hazardous area, sketch up design skills, and expert of PVSyst Simulation.

Unique strength of sesna

First Private Running PV - Plant IPP

Project Financing - Credibility

First PPA Solar IPP signed by private companyon EBTKE CONNEX 2015.

Bankable Technology

Experience in IPP - Project Development

Matured Internal IPP Team

Companies We've Worked With